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The Implantable Miniature Telescope

Welcome to VisionCare, Inc. 

VisionCare, Inc. (VisionCare) is a privately held specialty medical device company engaged in the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of proprietary implantable ophthalmic devices and technologies that are intended to significantly improve vision and quality of life for individuals with untreatable retinal disorders.


VisionCare, Inc Names Thomas Ruggia as New Chief Executive Officer

Saratoga, CA – (July 6, 2020) — VisionCare, Inc. (“VisionCare”), a developer of advanced visual prosthetic devices for the treatment

VisionCare, Inc. Announces CE Mark Approval of the Tsert-SI™ Delivery System for the CentraSight Treatment Program

The Telescope Implant for End-Stage Macular Degeneration is Approved and Available Around the World for Eligible Patients Without Previous Cataract